The Art of Self Acceptance

Women, rejoice in your beauty. Celebrate who you are and the unique qualities that make you so special and awaken to the essence of your being. My vision in using photography as a tool is to assist in the process of self discovery and total self acceptance. Peeling back the layers of self protection and self judgement in order to gain a glimpse of your true magnificence. Through this process of being photographed in a very nurturing and caring way, oneʼs true spirit is felt and then captured as an image. Oneʼs beauty is then reflected back, which can create new ways of seeing oneself, leading to increased confidence and a new sense of self.

About Hanna & her Vision

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I hope that when you read these words that you allow them to speak to that part of you that craves for a truer sense of self. I am a professional Photographer with over 28 years of experience, specializing in Portraits. My gift is in helping my clients feel calm, connected and comfortable, then capturing an image that reflects back their essence. I have played in various areas of Photography including commercial, food, model portfolios and headshots. I photograph children, families and love to also capture the beauty of a pregnant women. My passion is in photographing people of all ages and all stages.

When we view ourselves in a mirror quite often we do not really see ourselves. Our self judgements override the truth of our beauty as we strive for what we believe is considered beautiful, set by unrealistic standards. We can never measure up, leaving us feeling unworthy. We reject what is there rather than accepting and loving what we have been given. It is in this acceptance where the real beauty can begin to blossom. So, through the process of being photographed a very miraculous thing can occur. Seeing your body through the eyes of the Soul, capturing a glimpse of your essence and then it being reflected back to you. The self actually seeing the Self. A true glimpse of your beauty, a beauty that exists in each of us that when nurtured and valued can become alive and vibrant within you and expressed to the world. A new measure for your beauty is attained, an inner, more powerful sense of yourself arises, not limited to societyʼs view of what is attractive. This will become your new measure of what is beautiful. Our imperfections become unimportant and we begin to see ourself with new eyes. What we had previously been conditioned to believe is beauty is now replaced with a vibrancy and an aliveness that far exceeds this superficial concept. This kind of beauty is ageless, powerful and infectious.

more about me.................

My style has evolved over the years along with the many changes within myself. My world was shaken in 2001 by the sudden death of my husband, Kerry, and who I thought I was fell away like an avalanche, leaving me in a space of nothingness. My life as it was, was over and I would never be the same. This is when a new discovery of myself began. While being in the most pain I have ever experienced, I was also experiencing glimpses of something new within myself, something I really liked. This is when my own transformation began. All that was not really me began to fall away, leaving space for a truer sense of myself to emerge. I began to feel a new level of joy in ways I had never known possible. I believe when we face the truth of our reality head on, a miraculous thing begins to happen. We connect to a deeper part of ourself, a place that is real, and so very much alive. My career began to shift towards more healing modalities as an extension of all the healing I had offered to myself during my grief process. As I developed a second career as a Yoga Therapist, I had an intuitive feeling that one day this work would merge with my photography. Well, fast forward 9 years and that intuitive feeling has become a reality. Healing through photography.

As a Yoga Therapist I work with women, teens through adults, who struggle with eating disorders as well as women who struggle with various body image issues, as well as low self esteem. I felt very strongly that the photography could be instrumental in their healing process. I began to photograph a few of these women I had been working with. The results were marvelous, transformative and empowering. Changes began to happen in their live as a result. They got a glimpse of something they had not seen before. A sense of worthiness began to emerge which allowed them to attract new and wonderful people into their lives. Many new positive events began to unfold for these women.

My experience with working with teens has been extremely rewarding. The transformation that happens for these young women is remarkable. They begin to see themselves with new eyes, leading to a huge boost in self-confidence and self acceptance. They are able to get in touch with a part of themselves that is very real and alive, falling in love with their own uniqueness. A pure joy for me to witness.

While photographing these women, I asked them to journal their experience of what came up for them before, during and after the photo shoot. These writings will be available to read on this website along with their photographs. An idea for a blog as a part of this website organically evolved which will be a continuation of these journal entries. This will be a way for these women to have a voice and a way to reach out to others who may be struggling with an Eating Disorder. The purpose of this blog is to provide opportunities for readers to find the right kind of help, to feel connected and to know that healing is possible. I want to thank all of these courageous women for baring their souls both in being photographed as well as in their writings.

Photographing women extends to all women of all ages, not only women with eating disorders. I have photographed women of all ages, both clothed, as well as nude or discrete nudes. The process of being photographed nude adds a connection with a deeper, more sensual part of yourself which leads to a new level of self acceptance. A way of letting go of all inhibitions that play out unconsciously in so many ways in your day to day life. A way to become more free to express all that you are.

While offering intimate photography to women, I became aware that for me to really dive into this process fully, I must also experience what it feels like on the other side of the camera. I too must be photographed nude, in order to gain a better understanding to the issues that surface when put in this very precarious place. There was no backing out of this, so I took the plunge and learned so much more about myself, as well as gaining a new level of compassion and understanding for my clients. I learned more of what type of things actually surface when you say “yes” to baring it all. I must admit, it was quite terrifying to begin with, however, at some point a level of comfort began to unfold. A new relationship with the body begins. The rewards are unimaginable. A fast track to release inhibitions, gaining in total comfort with your body, learning to be with what is and loving it. A new sense of feeling free. I encourage you to give yourself a gift of being photographed in this way. Break through the fear and you will be rewarded with a new level of aliveness that you did not know was possible.

Well, I invite you to give yourself the gift of being photographed as a way of seeing yourself through the eyes of the Soul. It will enhance your life in ways unimaginable.

Celebrate the beautiful woman you really are and my invitation to you is to awaken to the essence of your being.

I hope you visit my site again in the future. Thank you and.............

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Celebrate the beautiful woman that you are by giving yourself the gift of being Photographed just for you.

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