Hi, I'm Amber and this is my story.

I went into my photo session critiquing every inch of myself from head to toe, wanting to cover-up and hide. I anticipated seeing a monster in the photographs...but I soon discovered that the monster was in my mind. With the gentle guidance and uplifting feedback while posing in front of the lens, I began to soften and let myself be seen. My mind was hushed by a profoundly delicate essence, I believe the nature of my soul...I became present and whole in my body, and alive in my womanhood. I felt truly free from the mean critiquing monster fabricating my vision.

Viewing my photographs caused a lot of giggling, "that's me?"...I did not anticipate seeing a lovely woman full of softness and light. There was a tender transformation over the next few weeks. I began to feel more confident in my spirit and I decided to continue taking self-portraits whenever that monster crept in. I am so grateful for this beautiful experience with Hanna and know that it has surely enriched my life.

Celebrate the beautiful woman that you are by giving yourself the gift of being Photographed just for you.

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