Hey, I'm Devon and this is my story.

I just looked at the pictures. They make me want to work on my acting career more. I guess because I want others to see them. I really like the black and white ones because I get to I see myself in a different light. I was nervous to look at the pics at first, but as I kept looking I liked them more and then really liked them. The one where I’m out of the light I want to use as a cover for a short film I’m making. I feel I want to have the pictures forever. I did like the ones with my hair up and in life I don’t like my hair up, so that is good. And there were ones where I liked how my body looked and would even want to show others the pictures. I like my attitude in the pictures because I think it’s me and represents me. I like all my clothes in the pics, except the nude color shirt I don’t think photographed as well. But yeah, I thought I should wear those outfits and necklaces and other stuff out more. And I thought some were sexy and I wasn’t going for that look at all, however I liked them. Oh and I didn’t know I had cheek bones, that was cool.

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