Hi, I'm Rebecca and this is my story.

First, I would like to thank you for extending your help and encouragement, the photos turned out awesome. I have selected a few that are my faves, while going through them, I couldn't help but cringe and laugh at myself, seeing that I've never been photographed for myself before. Then I started to regroup and actually liked looking at the flattering details, such as the make up, I love my legs! And the faint blondeness of my hair! haha. These are detailed, private thoughts of critique and joy - probably the best part of this process for me. Also, it's wonderful that you have captured it for me to keep. For me the process has changed my concept of myself and as a result I now feel a greater sense of self acceptance and a greater joy in being me. I'm thankful that I have someone like you in my life to share your creativity and to see your effort in helping others that wish to experience this as well.

Celebrate the beautiful woman that you are by giving yourself the gift of being Photographed just for you.

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